Llewellyn Dropouts

The fifth Design and Form by Llewellyn castings  Year 2006

 Front and rear dropouts

For many years (15) I used cast stainless semi-horizontal dropouts of North American design and manufacture. Problems began with the lighter wheels coming onto the market with skewers that had less clamping force. It was time to swap my frame construction to a vertical drop out design. Vertical rear wheel slot dropouts are suitable for race, touring, and randonneur bikes with mudguards. There is no wheel pulling problems with the extra pull on the chain from compact and triple drive trains.

There were dropouts available but they were dimensionally incorrect or they lacked some features I desired, such as two cast M5 eyelets for racks and fenders, thus avoiding the potential weakness of brazing M5 eyelets to the dropout. The eyelets are easily removed when not required, so why not cast them on? I also wanted an external lug socket style for ease of brazing and ease of alignment to the chain and seat stays. I also desired to match the aesthetics of my lugged frame and handle bar stem construction.

The dropouts needed to facilitate easy changing of the CS to SS angle and still look visually correct.

I also created two front dropouts, one with two M5 eyelets and one without eyelets. The front dropout wheel slot angle is suitable for curved or straight fork blades.

The dropouts needed to look modern, work well, allow easy and accurate alignment during construction. Also they have correct gear hanger dimensions!


The two front and the 64 degree and 68 degree rear dropouts arrived in 2006

The rear 72 degree dropout arrived in 2010

All went well and they are a joy to use.

These are available in an cast steel or SU304 stainless steel

The cast stainless drops have raised wheel bite facets which can left unpainted so to keep the paint looking neat and tidy. The stainless dropouts can be fully polished.