Forged Dropouts


RE1020N. Angle 74.
With Adjuster Hole


RE1160N. Angle 62. With Adjuster Hole


1187. Solid. 62
1188. Solid. 69


506. Horizontal Dropouts.
65. No Hanger.
No adjuster Holes


RE1185N. Angle 65.



. RE1160. Angle 62.
Hanger depth c. to c. 31mm.
With Adjuster Hole
Rit.Forge.O1. Ritchey Forged.
Single eye. Offset - 62.
Available without eye in 53 or 62.

Rit.Forge.1. Ritchey Forged.
Single eye - 53,62,74.
Extra strong.




FE1510N 9mm Slot



 With Safety Tabs

Tange Fronts
Eyelet is M6
Limited Quantity

Plate Dropouts



RE1410N Track Ends. Angle 75.
Campagnolo Pattern
RE1410S Above in Stainless Steel
RE1410F Stainless Steel Solder on Faces for RE1410N or RE1410S

Track Ends
RE1420F Stainless Steel Solder on Faces for RE1420

RE1420N. Track Ends.
Bolt on Stainless Faces







Stainless Plate Dropouts


959N -  17/4 Stainless Steel.



Vertical Plate Dropout.
No eyes. Stainless Steel. 68 degree
With Stainless Faces

955N Vertical Plate Dropout.
Double Eyelet. Stainless Steel. 68 degree
With Stainless Faces

959 -  Stainless Steel    

CNC Machined Dropouts

DRPM Post Mount Dropouts Stainless Steel
140 mm calipers & can be converted to post mount 160 mm with Avid spacer316 stainless steel dropout and boss. Front mount boss cranked for position with minimal material removal to fit.

DRPM-L As above. Deeper tangs span larger diameter tips eg. 953 chainstay/seat stays. Chain stay 13.15mm internal part of tab/15.6mm external. Seat stay 11.8mm internal part of tab, 13.9mm external. Will also suit MTB
DR2017 Front Dropout with Lawyers Lips
Plug 11.5mm. Dropouts Diameter 14.2mm

Q2 Dropouts with raised face. 70 degree.
17/4 Extra Strong Stainless Steel.



Sliding Dropouts


TSS1 Steel Plate Dropouts (Pair). Eyelet M6 Angle
TSS9 As above but stainless

Stainless Steel Version available with Kick      Stand Mount. See here for Picture
Sliders attached with M8 Stainless Bolts Supplied

Right Aluminium Slider (suitable for Rohloff)
TSS8 Left Side Version                                         

TSS3 Left Aluminium Slider for Rohloff. Disc Mount






TSS4 Left Aluminium Slider for Rohloff.                 TSS5 Left Aluminium Slider. With Disc Mount      TSS6 Right Aluminium Slider. With Gear Hanger