What's New??


170B Double Cable Stop
Bolt on. Black Anodized Aluminium. 4.5mm Internal Diameter

170A Double Cable Stop
Bolt on. Black Anodized Aluminium. 4.8mm Internal Diameter


V5 Disc Mount
Iso. Extended. Steel


J0-RAW Brake Boss
Unshaped. Steel


BREEZER-S-H Stainless Dropouts
Breezer Style. Replaceable stainless hanger


Chain Stay Bridge. Waisted. Steel
266. Widest Point 26.6mm
244-281. Widest Point.28.1mm
244-346. Widest Point.34.6mm

Chain Stay Bridge Diamond
Fits Chain Stay Bridge above. Also 196S (stainless chain stay bridge)

363 -  Steel
363S- Stainless Steel



Dedacciai Steel Road Rear Stays
MPO222B104 Chain Stay, MPV180A505 Seat Stay and MPV180A502 Seat Stay

Dedacciai 27.5" / 29.0" Steel MTB Rear Stays
MPO222B106 Chain Stay (is single bend), MPV180A506 Seat Stay



Rocker Dropouts 17/4 Stainless Steel
DS1035 Plates Only Stainless Steel
B4014   Right No Hanger. Black Anodized Aluminium
B4015   Right with Hanger. Black Anodized Aluminium
B4026   Left. With Post Mount Fittings. Black Anodized Aluminium.


Post Mount Dropouts Stainless Steel
Dropouts are post mount 140 mm and can be converted to post mount 160 mm with Avid spacer
Material is 316 stainless steel dropout and boss
Recommended Fillet pro to joint and stainless light flux
Front mount boss cranked for position with minimal material to remove for fit
Tested with current disc calipers


Sleeve Tube Cromoly Steel:

26.1mm internal diameter x 1.5mm wall x 100mm length
28.7mm internal diameter x 1.5mm wall x 100mm length
31.9mm internal diameter x 1.5mm wall x 100mm length


Fork Blade for Disc Brakes
853 27.5X20  1.1  x 370mm 30mm , 45mm offset or Straight - 17.2mm tip
Cast plug in fork ends to fit available.



Aluminium Tube Blocks.
Available in 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1", 1 1/8", 1 1/4",  1 3/8", 1 1/2" bore.


Q4 Tig Dropouts for Shimano Direct Mount




Steel Sliders for Tig Weld with adjuster Holes:

DR05I   Right with gear hanger, left with disc mount
DR05J   Right with gear hanger, left no disc
DR05L  Right no gear hanger, left with disc mount
DR05M Right no gear hanger, left no disc 

Seat Stay Splitter 3 Part.
16 or 19mm. 17/4 Stainless Steel


HT44 - Head Tube 43.95mm Internal Diameter
4130 Steel. 1.15mm thickness. Available 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150mm. With vent holes. Also 90, 170, 190, 220mm No holes
Hole 19mm Diameter, centre 23mm from top, 33mm from bottom


170C Triple Cable Stop Bolt on
4mm Cable Left and Right, 5mm cable centre.



193L Stainless Steel Brake Bridge.
Allen key fitting.


202 Zip Tie/Cable Stop Combination. Cast


959N Front Relieved Stainless Fork Dropouts
17/4 Stainless


953F Stainless Plug Fork Dropouts
Sized for 953 fork tips. 17/4

Seat Stay Tip

323-16S Top Eyes Stainless
16mm. Suit XCR seat stays



312S Top Eyes Stainless
16mm. Suit XCR seat stays.

F472 Bottle Boss and Diamond
As above in Stainless


Columbus Hiver Fork Now In.
Year Round Fork Winter Fork for 28.6mm Integrated.
Suitable For use with 'long reach' brakes.
With mudguard Eyes. 400g

N3 Touring Fork Crown for 28.6mm Steerer
Oval Blade 27.5x20 to fit Columbus, Reynolds etc
Cast internal fender and rack strut pegs and generator wire routing. 4.5mm. from blade top to crown race. 14.5mm. from brake bolt center to crown race. 54mm. between tangs. 143gm. weight. Crowns supplied with 4 casting points which can be ground off before or after brazing in fork blades.



Fizik Cyrano Carbon Seat Post 30.6mm.
Sized for Columbus SLFM13635 Seat Tube and other equivalents.
Now no need to use these luggable seat tubes only with shims.

  • Designed to work with standard 7mm round rails, as well as rails with oval cross section up to 10.3 mm
  • Clamping mechanism
  • Narrow upper clamp
  • Ultra-wide lower clamp: increase contact surface between clamp and rails
  • Ultra low profile upper clamp: increases space for the Twin Flex properties of the Aliante, Arione and Kurve 
  • 330mm Length

    Spirit for Lugs Main Tubes XL - Niobium
    31.7mm Top Tube 0.7/0.5/0.7 x 600 (60/40/350/40/110)
    35mm Down Tube 0.7/0.5/0.7 x 670 (60/40/385/40/145)
    31.7mm Seat Tube 0.7/0.5 x 650 (150/40/460) 


    New Columbus Seat Tube for 31.6mm Seat Post
    32.7mm OD Externally Butted 560 or 635mm (ZON113560001 or ZON113635001)


    Steel Front Derailleur Mount, 1 1/8" Miter

    Q9 steel derailleur mount.
    Suitable for Shimano's FD-M771D and FD-M661D front derailleurs.
    1 1/8" in diameter, has a 1 1/8" miter, and is ready to mount to the seat tube. Sold individually.


    10mm and 8mm Cromoly Tube Lengths
    10mmx0.9x1500 and 8x1.0x1500mm


    Piccoli Gioielli Dropouts

    64, 68 and 72 degree. Steel and Stainless Steel

    Fronts also now available in Steel and Stainless Steel

    Only available with name.



    N2 Cast Wishbone

    For 19mm seat stay and 22.2mm tube. 51mm clearance


    Columbus Compass Headsets
    1-1/8 Upper and Lower
    Stack Height 16+0.7=16.7mm
    Head Tube I.D. 42mm

    CERAMIC:  45 Ceramic ACB (Titanium race, ceramic balls) - Carbon Top Cap
    45 Stainless Steel ACB - Carbon Top Cap



    M1 Seat tube Sleeve 31.7mm OD, 27.2mm ID Steel or Stainless Steel

    Stepped to fit inside Columbus SLFM13 - 31.7mm outside diameter seat tubes
    so that standard 27.2mm seat posts can be used without shim with lugged frames

    DR1045 - Rear, Relieved, 70 Degree, Eyelets

    Q3 Stainless Steel Dropouts 70 degree

    17/4 Grade Stainless Steel



    Mitsugi Fork Crown

    25.4mm or 28.6mm. 50mm between tangs.



    P2DERAUILLER.jpg (39907 bytes)

    S2 Stainless Steel Front Derailleur Boss

    20mm slot. With locating Dimple. For 28.6mm seat tube

    S2-31.7. As above Stainless Steel Front Derailleur Boss but for 31.7mm seat tube


    293B Pannier Boss Front

    Extended for extra clearance


    W4 Tig Dropouts
    Steel with Stainless Steel Replaceable Hanger



    Cycle Design USA
    Now Stocking Fillet Pro and System 48 Silver. Also their special bronze and silver solder flux pastes. See here for more detail.


    Retro Track Nut - Chrome Plated M8

    New Disc Brake Options - 4130 Plate

    V1 - Long Slot Type. NB seat stay dropout position/bend may need to be optimized to get correct disc mounting. Easiest with Breezer/Wright/Surly type dropouts.


    V2 - Extra Support Type

    Limpet -  Stainless Steel. Available in 28.6, 31.7 or for chain stay.


    DBH Disc Brake Dropouts
    Available in steel and stainless steel
    Stainless face kit option available.
    All threads have to be cut.
    Supply worldwide except to Germany



    DBNH Disc Brake Dropouts
    Suitable for Rohloff

    Available in steel and stainless steel
    Stainless face kit option available.
    All threads have to be cut.
    Supply worldwide except to Germany

    NDBNH Dropouts
    Suitable for Rohloff

    Available in steel and stainless steel
    Stainless face kit option available.
    All threads have to be cut.
    Supply worldwide except to Germany



    DB Disc Brake Mount
    Available in steel and stainless steel
    Stainless face kit option available.
    Radius curve suits Ritchey cast dropouts
    Supply worldwide except to Germany


    DBF Disc Brake Fronts
    Available in steel and stainless steel
    All threads have to be cut.
    4mm washer for IS2000 offset included
    Supply worldwide except to Germany

    479S Stainless Steel Integrated Head Tube Rings
    Suitable for Columbus 36mm Head Tubes eg XCR stainless or CYRK18 normal steel. Internally presized for Campag hidden headset standard (ie 42.0mm x 45 degree)


    141S. Stainless Steel Diamond Cap for Internal Top Tube Routing
     Also now 368S Stainless Steel End Stops for Internal inner wire routing

    MAX Type Fork Blades. Aero Profiled along the full length
    1.0mm gauge x390 length. For use with any of our MAX fork crowns
    as well as LE-MAX cast fork tips. Cromoly Material. Non Columbus. 


    Dedacciai 29er Down Tube 38 x 0.8/0.5/0.8 x 750mm
    COM (Nivacrom equivalent) material


    Columbus XCR Stainless Steel Tubing for Lugs. Standard Oversize Tubes.
    Specifications in Columbus 2001 Catalogue Here

    Cadenzia Lugset
    Specifications Here. 36mm Head, 35mm down, 31.7mm top and seat tube. Also available in Stainless

    Custodian Lugset

    Specifications Here. 31.7mm Head, 31.7mm down, 28.6mm top and seat tube. Also available in Stainless


    489S Head Tube Rings Stainless Steel
    For 36mm Head Tube (28.6mm Forks)



    F362 Brake Bridge Diamond
    F362S Stainless Version

    Cast. Suitable for C131 aero brake bridge


    F471   Fleur de Lys Combined Cast Bottle Boss and Diamond
    F471S Stainless Version



    193S Stainless Brake Bridge 65mm
    196S Stainless Chain Stay Bridge 33mm



    200S Stainless Cable Guide.

    Comes with Plastic Clip. Also Suitable for Zip Tie



    Indexed Cast Down Tube STI/Ergo Boss.

    R3   - Standard Steel
    R3S - Stainless Steel


    Fleur De Lys Top Eyes.

    K2     12.7mm Internal Diameter
    K2S   As above in Stainless
    K3     10.7mm Internal Diameter
    K3S   As above in Stainless


    Thread Oil Aerosol

    Thread Cutting Lubricant. 200ml


    808N Disc Brake Boss

    New Shape


    189T Brake Bridge

    No Brake Hole. Suitable for Track. 80mm Width


    R9 Gear Lever Boss to STI/Ergo Boss Convertor

    R9S - Silver
    R9B- Black


    Externally Butted 31.8mm Seat Tubes Now available

    32.3/31.8mmx1.2/0.7/0.9. Either 450 or 540mm Length. Cromoly Steel


    Machined Steel Brake Boss with Replaceable Pivot

    J+3 RP - Front
    H8 RP  - Rear


    Track Plate Dropouts with Stainless Faces

    RE1430   - Standard Steel Plates with Stainless Faces
    RE1430S - Stainless Steel Plates with Stainless Faces.



    29er Down Tubes Now Available

    In Zona Nivacrom.

    35 x 0.8/0.5/0.8 x 750mm
    38 x 0.7/0.5/0.7 x 750mm
    42 x 0.7/0.5/0.7 x 735mm


    Rene Singer Cast Lugs

    For 28.6mm Top Tube and Seat Tube, 31.7 Head Tube and Down Tube. M5 STI Bosses

    Also available in stainless.


    W33 Clamp on Mech Boss

    For 28.6, 31.8 or 35mm Seat Tube


    S05 Alloy Seat Clamp 31.8mm or 35mm (S06)

    Black Anodized. Angled tightening mechanism as recommended for carbon seat posts


    New Stainless Versions of Cast Parts Already Stocked:

    C131S Brake Bridge


    Stainless Steel Brazeons

    297S Stainless Chain Hitch
    111S Stainless Cable Stop
    282S Stainless STI/Ergo Boss


    296S Stainless Gear Lever Boss




    H20 Brake Boss. For Maximum reach. 20mm Bias.




    Stainless Steel Brazeons

    360S Bottle Boss Diamond. Reynolds  recommend using bottle boss diamonds for their 953 tubing.
    581S Mudguard Eye
    294S Pannier Boss



    478INOX Bottle Boss M5 Stainless Steel

    Dead Ended, to prevent water entering the frame through the bosses.
    Can be supplied with M5x12 Stainless Steel Socket Head Bolt


    470 Bottle Boss with 4mm Lip

    Extra thick lip so the bottle cage more easily clears the front derailleur clamp


    Sif Bronze Tool Tipping / Brazing Flux for Stainless Steel

    Use with Sifbronze No.1 or No. 2. (available from stock)


    Brass Deluxe STI Adjuster Screws with Stainless Spring




    Dedacciai Carbon Rear Ends Stocked with Components for Steel.

    Optional components also available for Aluminium and Titanium



    Z3 Brake Bridge Stainless Steel


    Quikchanger TM  Stainless Steel Braze on Mount

    For more details Click Here


    TM  Clip on Mount

    For more details Click Here Full Instruction included.




    U Brake Boss


    SS EG0915OV...101 Ego, Nivacrom 25/12 oval, double tapered, L=550, 0.6 126 g eg0915ov...101.jpg (3490 bytes)


    EGO Deep Section Aero Seat Stays

    Back in Stock




    902   Cast Steel Seat Boss
    For 28.6mm Seat Tube
    Stainless Version.
    902-31.7  Cast Steel Seat Boss
    For 31.7mm Seat Tube
    Stainless Version.

    M6 Thread. Best brass brazed.

    Dscn6759.jpg (30811 bytes)

    900 Cast Steel Cantilever Pivot with replaceable Spigot

    With Replaceable Spigot

    900S As above but in Stainless Steel

    Braze on part is stainless, screw in pivot is not stainless.


     422S Allen Key Bolt. Stainless Steel

    Long. 26mm. Suitable for Deep Section. 



    201 Zip Tie Cable Guide. Now comes with Clip

    Black Anodized Aluminium. Rivet on.


    200 Zip Tie Cable Guide. Now comes with Clip





    W2081 Cast Underbracket Guide.

    Stainless Steel



    360 Bottle Boss Diamond



    129S Pop Nut Bottle Boss M5

    Stainless Steel 6.8mm OD

    129 Pop Nut Bottle Boss Boss

    Non Stainless 7.2mm OD




    T12 Cast Screw on Head Tube Mount for STI Guides

    Sized for 36mm Head Tube. Stainless Steel.




    T7 Alloy Dropouts 7000 Series. Vertical

    With Replaceable Stainless Steel Faces





    R2 Gear Boss STI/Ergo M5. Cast.

    Cast Stainless Rivet On Derailleur Boss. 

    Now available in size to suit 35mm Seat Tubes as well as the previously stocked 31.8mm version.



    C1 Stainless Steel STI/Ergo Adjuster Screw. 

    M5. Suitable for L1 Boss. See Below. Supplied with Stainless Spring.

    C2 Stainless Steel Brake Adjuster Screw & Stainless Lock Nut




    L1 Stainless Steel Down Tube STI/Ergo Gear Boss

    Available profiled for 31.7mm or 34.9mm down tubes. M5. Supplied Unpolished, for use with paint or for polishing without paint.

    Now supplying Worldwide

    183 Indexed Alloy STI/Ergo Adjuster Boss

    Rivet on Type. Black Anodized. Index Cable Adjusters also available.
    Stainless Steel Rivets available for above.




    In Line Gear Cable Adjuster Set.

    Click here to see where these fit. 

    Cable Stop Gear Adjuster

    Dedacciai MPO22K10632 EOM Offset MTB Chain Stay. Special Shaping


    Dedacciai MPV180A5012 EOM Offset MTB Seat Stay. Special Shaping




    N1 Wishbone Fitting.

    Road Type. For 16mm Seat Stays and 19mm Connector Tube

    N2 Wishbone Fitting Fitting.


    Aluminium Bottle Boss Fitting Tool.

    Suitable for 129S Aluminium Bottle Bosses we sell (see above).




    Columbus Carbon Seat Tube for Steel Frames.    Now in Stock


    4130 Cromoly Seamless Steel Steerer Tube Material

    1" x 0.058" x 5 foot lengths
    1 1/4" x 0.058" x 5 foot lengths


    Fleur De Lys Lug Set Now Available in Stainless. We are now stocking in stainless the complete Fleur De Lys Lug Set including 3 main tube lugs, Bottom bracket Shell English thread, Fork Crown (straight), Fork Ends, and Adjustable angle Rear Dropouts. For the time being we will be selling these parts together as a set only. If required seperately we can special order these parts in for you, see below. We've shown above a finished Fleur De Lys Stem, made up of the stem lugs and supplied stainless tube, seperately available as a set from stock, as an example of the kind of finish that it is possible to obtain after polishing. 

    Other Long Shen Cast Stainless Parts are available to special order also. Any Long Shen part you see in our listings we can obtain for you in stainless. We can arrange this for quite low minimums typically 3 pieces of the same part for lugs, crowns or shells, 10 pieces for smaller parts.  Lead times depends on our current ordering situation, but 12 weeks is normal.



    Metax Stainless Head Tubes

    Metax as a set has been unavailable from Columbus for some time. However we have obtained a quantity of Metax 31.8mm head tubes in 1mm gauge. Either 230mm or 600mm lengths are available.


    Is there a part you particularly wish we could stock? Let us know about it and maybe we can!
    Please do include your email address, so we can contact you if we do.